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Half the weight of a conventional floor jack, the Shop Boss® can be an important addition to any race team. Made from a combination of the highest-grade aluminum and steel, the Shop Boss® provides the essential strength and durability required for use in the garage area. The hydraulic unit is the same exceptional design as our Pit Boss® Race Jack. Our unique hydraulic package was thoroughly tested to ensure optimum performance. The Shop Boss® may be purchased with an optional set of Polyurethane Wheels. These wheels are designed for use on a surface plate or delicate shop floors.

Engineered using the strongest aircraft-grade aluminum alloy available, the MPD Pit Boss® provides the ability to lift a 3,500-pound racecar in a single pump! Weighing in at a slim 30 pounds, the Pit Boss® delivers all the strength, durability and reliability required of a high-performance piece of racing equipment. Its one-pump design minimizes the time in the pit, maximizing track time and promising crucial seconds critical in all types of racing.

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